Marathons 2018

Marathons shedule

Need to plan marathons shedule during the year 2018? In our marathons shedule you can see marathons clearly shown by individual days. In our database you can marathons simply search by month, length of the marathon and the country where the marathon organized.

Marathons calendar

Plan your marathon in our marathons calendar. In view of our marathons calendar you will find the number of marathons, which held that day.

Marathons 2018 by length

Do you want to select only marathon that will fit your forces? Use our list of marathons in 2018, classified according to their length. Click on length of the marathon in list of marathons, which fall into this category. Here you can further filter marathons according months of year 2018.

Marathons 2018 by country

All marathons in our database can be filtered by country, where the marathon run. Click on the name of the country below and you will see a list of marathons in the country. Here you can filter further marathons by regions, cities or months. Below is a list of selected states with the largest marathons in 2018, click on link Show marathons 2018 by country and see list of all countries in which in 2018 held a marathon.

Marathons 2018 by month

If you want to try one of the planned marathons and wish you only the term of the event? Use our list of marathons broken down by months of 2018. Click on a month to view a list of marathons held in the month in locations all around the world.